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Rifle Bullets
Hand Crafted Ammunition
Made For Competition Shooters
By Competition Shooters
Jordan Tactical, LLC

We are a family owned and operated small arms ammunition manufacturer located in central South Carolina.


We manufacture ammunition by hand loading, using top quality components and time proven  processes. 


Our Research and Development team are highly experienced veterans that have served together in the military for over 20 years that share a passion for competitive shooting and safety protocols.  

We manufacture custom orders for hunting, target practice, and competition shooting.  

Each bullet is hand pulled with a specific load and projectile weight to achieve maximum performance.  

Contact Us

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We are available online only; we do not have a store front.  

If you are interested in purchasing reloaded ammunition, or interested in having your brass reloaded, please contact us at 803.807.1001 or send us a message using this contact form.  

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